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At DiDAB, we’re more than just a company – we’re a collective of innovators, engineers, and creators on a mission to shape the future through technology. From concept to creation, we specialize in turning ideas into cutting-edge high-tech gadgets that push boundaries and redefine possibilities. With a strong foundation in collaboration and a passion for innovation, we’re committed to bringing remarkable products to life that inspire, simplify, and elevate everyday experiences.

Our Technology Portfolio

Our High-Tech Portfolio: Innovations at a Glance

Holographic Fan Displays

Our holographic display fan technology takes visual experiences to an entirely new level. By employing cutting-edge advancements in optics and imaging, we’ve created a device that projects 3D holographic content into the physical space. The result? Astonishing visual displays that seem to float in mid-air, captivating audiences and adding a touch of magic to advertising, entertainment, and more

Directional Speaker

Transform sound projection with our Directional Speakers. These advanced audio devices focus sound waves in specific directions, delivering clear and immersive audio experiences in noisy environments or for targeted messaging.

RFID Tour Guide

Enhance visitor experiences with our RFID Tour Guide system. Effortlessly provide informative and interactive tours by utilizing RFID technology to trigger multimedia content, making museums, historical sites, and attractions come to life.

Intra-Oral Scanner

Revolutionize dentistry with our Intra-oral Scanner. This state-of-the-art device enables precise digital impressions of the oral cavity, streamlining treatment planning and improving patient comfort during dental procedures.

Dental Laboratory Scanner

Elevate your dental laboratory’s efficiency with our Dental Laboratory Scanner. This high-tech solution simplifies the process of creating accurate 3D models of dental impressions, ensuring precision in crafting dental prosthetics and restorations.

Apex Locator

Ensure successful endodontic procedures with our Apex Locator. This essential tool provides accurate measurements of root canal lengths, enhancing the precision and success rates of root canal treatments in dentistry.

Unlock the Future of Innovation and Investment with DiDAB
Investment in DiDAB Holding

Buy in The Big Project!

Join the Success Journey with DiDAB – Invest in Our Proven Innovations! Discover the potential of our cutting-edge products that have already set new industry standards. By investing in our holding structure and existing product lineup, you can benefit from our established market presence and experience substantial returns. Whether through direct investment or shareholder agreements, you have the chance to be a part of our exciting growth story.”

Development Projects

Being an Idea, We Make it Real!

 Are you an innovator with a vision for groundbreaking products? At DiDAB, we’re eager to explore new frontiers in technology. Partner with us to co-create the next generation of high-tech solutions. Share your ideas or work closely with our experts to develop pioneering products across various industries and technologies

Commercialization Partnerships

Where Innovation Meets Market – We’ve Got the Winning Hand!

Unlock new horizons for your business by partnering with DiDAB to promote and distribute our exceptional products. Our current product range offers unique opportunities for collaboration, including distribution agreements, co-branding, and more. Leverage our innovation to differentiate yourself in the market and embark on a mutually beneficial journey with us.

Meet DiDAB

Get to know the dedicated team behind DiDAB – the driving force transforming innovative ideas into remarkable high-tech gadgets

Address: No 48, 10th Alley, North Kargar, Tehran, Iran

+9821 284 282 60       +9821 8863 74 30

Monday to Thursday :10 – 20 (GMT+4:30) 

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