Didab is a technology development studio. People in Didab are extremely passionate about developing the ideas which are innovative and applicable in essence. 


The Holofan is a holographic display with a four-blade rotor. The blades spin fast so your eyes won’t see any rays, only your stunning 3D content hovering in the air.


The Holowall is made of a set of Holofans aligned between each other and synced via proprietary software to enable large-size 3D holographic visuals.

Sound Tunnel

The Sound Tunnel is a directional speaker  which plays sounds in a specific direction like a laser. This device is widely used in the advertising industry.

Need a new advertising media?

DiDAB Holofans are introduced as a new medium for out-of-home advetising. If you hold an expo, own a shopping mall or have a capital, contact us.

Want to invest in technology?

Didab is an experienced team in providing easy and low cost solutions in technology development. If you have any idea or want to invest in technology, or just need a prototype, we can help.

Meet DiDAB

We are ready to share our stories and ideas to help you develop new businesses. 

Nitro Innovation Club, Science and Industry University, Resalat sq., Tehran, Iran

+9821 284 282 60

Monday to Thursday :10 – 20 (GMT+4:30) 

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