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Synced holofans to mesmerize your eyes

In the advertising world, showcasing big and eye-catching displays is often essential. DiDAB has the capability to produce large 3D displays, known as holo-walls, by synchronizing individual Holofan devices positioned side by side. To make this happen, these devices need a support structure and a communication network for synchronization.
Where to use
  • In shopping malls as an ad-board
  • In hyper-markets as a POSM tool
  • In events as a show-board
  • HD quality
  • Unlimited size
  • 64000 colors
  • Extremely high power and brightness
  • Controlled by mobile and pc softwares
  • Stylish aluminium and glass finished holding structure

* 24/7 support and maintenance

Holowall Use Cases



To buy or rent, contact us.