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A modern way to advertise

Meet the holographic display fan, a remarkable gadget that can show 3D videos that appear to float in the air. It does this by using 724 LEDs on its fan blades and changing their colors to create stunning images

Where to use
  • In expos as a modern ad-board
  • In hyper-markets as a POSM tool
  • In Small markets as an astonishing decoration
  • 4 detachable blades
  • 85 cm 3D display
  • 64000 colors
  • High power – 120 watt
  • HD quality
  • 32 GB internal memory
  • Controlled by mobile and pc softwares
  • Easy to carry package

* 12 months guarantee

Package includes

Blades X 4

Body X 1

Screwdriver X 1

DC adaptor X 1

User manual X 1

Holofan Use Cases


Holofans as an ad-board can be used in various industries such as retail, shopping malls,  cafe and restaurants, hotels and etc. 

Here is a video showing some brands boosting their marketing by using holofans as an ad-board. 


To buy or rent, contact us.